At Central Coast Otolaryngology we are continuously trying to improve our service and your experience. The launching of our new website will help you more easily find answers to many of the questions you have about our practice. We hope this will provide you with useful health information and make many of our processes increasingly available online.

If you have visited us recently you know we have been working hard to improve our facilities. Our newly added sleep lab attached to our current office space is now fully renovated with larger, updated rooms and high-definition TV’s to accommodate your needs. We also have a new spacious operative suite to accommodate the many procedures we are able to do in the office for your convenience. Over the next few months we will continue updating our existing facilities to improve your experience.

With the addition of Dr. VandeGriend this past year we have expanded the services that we now offer. More cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are now available, many of which can be done easily in the office. We also are offering an array of allergy diagnosis and treatment options including skin testing and immunotherapy for inhalant allergies. New allergy treatment options have become available including personalized sublingual immunotherapy and FDA approved sublingual tablets, which are covered by most insurances for people with grass or ragweed allergies.

We hope to see you soon